What are Project Deliverables?

What Are Project Deliverables?Deliverables are the output of the project.  Projects could have many deliverables or it might produce one.  A deliverable is a product, service, or a result and is what the project produces.   

Deliverables get established when the project requirements get defined. If someone starts a business, then a deliverable could be a business plan.  For someone leading an initiative, a deliverable could be a written policy. Other deliverables could be a procedure or feasibility assessment. In software, deliverables could be the development of a feature. It could also be the implementation of an application. For construction, a deliverable could be a new building or repairs to a bridge.  

What needs remembered in any project is the purpose of the project and what are the deliverables.  This is scope. Scope is all that is required and only what is required. 

Without a clear understanding of deliverables, the project can head in all directions. A small project could become this large, out of scope, complex problem with no direction.  

The deliverables will need validation.  What that means is someone or a group of people will have to agree with what is being delivered. If you are the recipient of the project’s product, service, or result, then you would determine what is acceptable.  If your deliverable is for a client or another department, then that group would agree on acceptance. This whole process is validating scope.

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