Stakeholder Register Template (FREE)

The Stakeholder Register maintains relevant information such as name, position, project expectations, and project role for each stakeholder or group of stakeholders. 

Any person who could impact the project could be a stakeholder. When stakeholders are identified the stakeholder register will be the document used to capture the information.  The more information recorded about the stakeholders the better.

After the project charter, the stakeholder register should be one of the first documents used in any project. Information about roles and titles along with contact info will be helpful to all involved in the project.  

In the early stages of projects it is possible to have many stakeholders introduced to the project manager and project team. Capturing information about the stakeholders will be vital as the project proceeds. It might be months after the project launches and if the project needs something approved from an unfamiliar department or governing body then the stakeholder register will be a good reference to start contacting the right people. 

On projects large or small which last for months or even years, the stakeholder register will be useful to new project team members who are trying to get orientated to the project.

The stakeholder register is always vital and important no matter the size or complexity of the project.

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