Requirements Traceability Matrix Template

Scope is defined as all that is required and only what is required. What does this mean? Well projects have requirements and for a project to be successful you must complete all the requirements.  What a project does not want to do is add requirements unless the project approves them through a change control process. Keeping track of project requirements, the scope, can be done by utilizing a requirements traceability matrix.  

The matrix will list all the project requirements and the deliverables associated with them.  For example, if a project’s goal is to implement a new software, then one of the requirements could be testing.  The deliverable from the testing requirement could be a result of 99% pass rate. So, the requirement is testing, and the deliverable is a pass rate of 99%.  

No matter the size of the project, having a requirements traceability matrix will help the project team stay focused and track outstanding items.  So often on projects which last months or for larger projects, they last for years, stakeholders and team members can lose focus of the purpose of the project and the specific requirements.  Activities will be documented in the project schedule but at times these tasks seem like their own entity. 

What a project manager needs to do is keep the team focused on the big picture as much as the details.  The requirements traceability matrix is a great document to understand the vision of the project.

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