Project Milestones are Useful Indicators

Project Milestones are Useful IndicatorsA project milestone is an indicator that shows an important achievement in a project.  The event could be the breaking of ground on a new building. A milestone could be a final testing event. A milestone could also be the end of one phase of a project.   

Project milestones are a way of knowing how the project is advancing. Milestones should be a clear sequence of events. Milestones will occur until your project is complete. 

Each project is unique and will have different significant events. The number of milestones will be different for every project. 

In the planning of the project, you identify and discuss milestones. Milestones should have titles and a brief description. Use a milestone list to document the milestones. By documenting the milestones, stakeholders will have more clarity on goals. Everyone will know how the project is tracking. The milestone list is a great way for the project manager to communicate. The milestones will keep everyone informed and focused on upcoming activities and events. 

The milestone list will also provide warnings on the health of the project. If milestones are not met, then the project might be in trouble. 

Milestones will allow everyone to see the progression of the project at a high level. Everyone will be able to make decisions with more insight.

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