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Before you lead a project, you need to learn and master the fundamentals in order for you and the project to have success. To become a project manager you need to start with training to understand the terminology and methodologies. You will also need to learn project management tools as you work through the project management processes and principles.

Start with the fundamentals and practice with the best tools so when the opportunity comes for you to lead you will be ready and will be successful.

Access Training Videos, Step-By-Step Project Manager Guides, Project Management Short Clips, and much more.

Project Management Training Videos

Preview the course on learning to use project management tools. This preview is about the status report.

In this course, learn about the project charter, stakeholders, deliverables, project risks, scope, and more.

Understanding what is a project and what is a project manager is fundamental. Projects are temporary by nature and are not operational. Like a house, projects need a foundation and a structure. When it comes to a project, processes need to be “stood up” and established in order for completion of work. As a project manager this is your fundamental responsibility, to bring structure and a framework to the project and then ensure that structure stays in place until there is an outcome.

project management tools webinar

In this course, learn to use project management tools. Mastering fundamentals also includes understanding and using project management tools.

Projects are temporary and need project managers to develop structure and processes. In project management plans and documents (tools) are inputs or outputs of a process. Techniques like meetings use the inputs to provide outputs. These are the basic elements of a process. For example a team meeting should start with an agenda, this is your input. The meeting itself is the technique to do all sorts of things such as plan, deliberate, inform, and many other activities. The results of the meeting are the outputs like meeting notes or documents such as a project charter, status report, or lessons learned.


project plans and documents

In this course, learn how to develop a road map and use the project management tools.

Another part of mastering the fundamentals is being aware of different project management methodologies. Methodologies are the ways to conduct projects such as what techniques, procedures, practices, and rules. Being aware of different project methodologies is important because it provides you choices on how to approach your project in the most efficient way. There are always best practices but what methods work for your project is what you should consider. A project road map is a straightforward way to develop your method on how you will approach and conduct your project.

Project Manager Step-by-Step Guides

The 5 Project Manager Step-by-Step Guides

There are 5 Project Manager Step-by-Step Guides covering the 5 project management process groups which are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing.

Each guide explains which tools and documents to use for each step in Project Management.

Here is an excerpt of the Planning Step-by-Step Guide:

Project Management Short Video Clips

All Project Management Short Video Clips

Short Video Clips explain project management topics in concise simple terms and under 5 minutes. The topics range from planning and executing to methods and project road maps.