Planning Process Group Step-by-Step Guide

The purpose of this project management document is to guide and direct the project planning process.  During planning the when, where, how, what, and by who are determined and documented. Planning is an essential part of project management and updates will continue throughout the project life-cycle.

All documents to be used during the project will be developed during this process. To ensure an optimal execution of the project, the project manager and team need to put the time and effort into planning. Plans are usually needed for each key area of the project.  This includes stakeholders, scope, requirements, communications, process improvement, quality management, human resources, costs, schedule, risk management, and more.

Plans will evolve. As the project, including the planning process, progresses additional information becomes available, objectives become clearer, how to complete tasks are defined, and other changes will appear. Change management is used to ensure updates to the plans, documents and other components are part of the project’s processes.

Use the guide to develop your methodology and approach to the project.  Projects are unique and will require different levels of engagement depending on the size and complexity. You and your team should consider what will work best for your project.


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