How to Maintain a Productive Project Team

How can you, the project manager, maintain a productive project team?

As the project manager you don’t want a project team, you want a productive project team.

There are four key elements to maintain a productive project team. The elements are communication, engagement, measurement, and reward. 

People want to know what is happening on a project. Communication will keep everyone informed.  There are many ways to communicate such as status reports or weekly meetings.

Engagement is the next element.  Engage with your team by asking for their feedback.  Work with the team on capturing lessons learned while the project is underway.  The more you discuss the team’s ideas the more they will feel a part of the project’s success. 

The last two elements go together, measuring and rewarding.  Define how team members get measured. Reward those who reach their objectives.  People need to understand expectations of them or they will not be able to deliver.  You get better results from someone if they know the objectives. You don’t want them wandering around with no direction. This is the opposite of micromanagement.  Instead of you being deep into the details, allow your team to work towards defined project goals. Reward team members for their achievement. The rewards can range from promotions, raises, recognition, or elevated status.

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