Step-By-Step Project Management Guides

There are 5 Project Manager Step-by-Step Guides covering the 5 project management process groups which are Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing.

Whether you are new to project management or a certified professional, the step-by-step guides will help you develop your methodology for projects large or small and simple or complex. 

Each guide explains which tools and documents to use for each step in Project Management.

To understand project plans and project documents, it is good to start with the basics. Because projects are temporary endeavors they need project managers and teams to develop structure and processes. In project management plans and documents are inputs or outputs of a process. 

When it comes to plans, a great deal of project management is planning.  Projects will plan scope, schedules, budgets, quality and much more. Meetings will occur to discuss, deliberate, and decide plans.  Once these plans are decided then for the output you have a plan such as the project communications management plan. 

Some of the documents and plans covered in the guides are the project charter, project plan, project schedule, status reports, meeting agendas and notes, risk register, and many more.

You create your method by following the step-by-step project management guides.

Project Management Guides