Executing Process Group Step-by-Step Guide

After the project is stood up and the planning has been developed, the project work will begin.  This is the executing process. 

The purpose of this project management document is to guide and direct the executing process.  During executing, steps will be performed to ensure the work defined in the project plan is completed and satisfies the project specifications and needs. 

Documents utilized during the executing process are developed during Initiating or planning processes and should be updated as needed.

The basic steps to be followed throughout executing are update tracking and status documents such as issue logs and risk register. When changes occur, change requests should be submitted and a change management process should be followed. Communication will also be a part of execution and should follow any defined communication management plan.

During execution, the project manager should direct and manage project work such as task, timelines, schedules, costs, etc. and making adjustments, if necessary, including submission of change requests

The project manager will review and update the project plan, agendas & meeting notes, status reports, and any additional project documents. 

During executing process the project manager will manage human resources, quality management, and manage stakeholder engagement and expectations.


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