Communication Management Plan

A road map to guide project communication management efforts:

Communication is probably one of the most important factors for project success. The communication management plan is a guide for the communication management efforts of the project.

The plan defines the development and management of project communications. Its goal is to ensure timely and appropriate communication to stakeholders through meetings, and the generation, distribution and storage of project information. Communicating with stakeholders about the project and its impact is an important part of the plan, and encouraging adoption is a critical element for the success of the project.

The plan includes guidelines for the identification of what will be communicated, how often, by whom, in what format, and the development of project related documents. This should facilitate stakeholder adoption from awareness, to knowledge of an organizational change, to commitment of the desired outcome of the project. 

Throughout the project, the plan will be maintained and updated ensuring the necessary information is made available to project stakeholders in a timely manner. Changes or updates to the plan may be required due to changes in requirements, personnel, scope, budget, or other reasons. Updates or changes are only permitted after a Change Request has been approved.

Achieving the project’s goal to keep key stakeholders and/or groups of stakeholders, including the public if appropriate, informed about the project, its status, and impacts will require a multi-faceted communication approach and may even need a person dedicated to communications. It may mean the development of communications in phases and/or event-specific communication plans.

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