Checklist – Plans & Docs Template

As you and your team determine what plans and documents to use during your project, it is helpful to have a checklist to keep track of the progress. 

To understand project plans and project documents, it is good to start with the basics of what are plans and documents? Because projects are temporary endeavors they need project managers and teams to develop structure and processes. In project management, plans and documents are inputs or outputs of a process. Tools and techniques such as meetings and/or expert judgement use the inputs to provide outputs.  These are the basic elements of a process. 

For example a team meeting should start with an agenda, this is your input.  The meeting it’s self is the technique to do all sorts of things such as plan, deliberate, inform, and many other activities. The results of the meeting are the outputs such as meeting notes, a creation of a plan, or document such as a status report.  

When it comes to plans, a great deal of project management is planning.  Projects will plan scope, schedules, budgets, quality and much more. Meetings will occur to discuss, deliberate, and decide plans.  When a plan is determined on how to proceed then the written document is the output and you have a written plan. Some examples are the project communications management plan or the risk management plan.

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