Change Management Plan Template

The Change Management Plan is a roadmap to guide and manage changes needed to accomplish the project’s objectives. This includes people, processes, workflow, and technology. Additionally, it includes changes to project deliverables and key project documents being used to manage the project and its stakeholders throughout the life of the project.

The purpose of the plan is to define how project changes will be requested and processed. Its goal is to reduce risk by ensuring timely submission and review of change requests by the Change Control Board (CCB) along with the implementation of approved change requests. This will be accomplished by using the Change Process. 

The Change Process begins with the submission of a change request and ends with an approval, withdrawal, or denial of the change request. Only after a change request has been approved, will it be incorporated into the project and project documents.

Throughout the project, the change management plan will be maintained as a living document and ensures the necessary information is made available to project stakeholders in a timely manner. Changes or updates to the plan may be required due to changes in requirements, personnel, scope, budget, or other reasons. Updates or changes are only permitted after a change request has been approved.

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