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Any temporary endeavor that has a start and end which produces a product, service, or a result is a project.  

Because projects are temporary and not operational, they need structure and a foundation.  This is project management. Bringing structure to something that is not stood up, such as a new business idea which an entrepreneur is trying to launch or that CEO’s mandate which the department leader must implement.  Fortunately since projects have been around since the dawn of time, project fundamentals have been identified, crafted, tested, modified, and polished.

A project manager will use the fundamentals of project management and lead the project engagement.  A project manager could be called the project leader, project owner, engagement owner or a whole host of other things.  Whatever the title of the role, the project manager is the leader.  

The Project Management Resource Network Blog provides insightful articles, lessons learned, and project management content for those project management beginners, the occasional project manager, and seasoned veteran. 

The content is created by certified project management professionals (PMP) based on experiences, training, past mistakes, and interaction with project teams and project leaders.  

If you would like to contribute to the blog please let us know.  We encourage insight from everyone so that we can all benefit from each other’s experiences.