Assumptions Log Template

Assumptions are common project situations, an activity or task, which occurs during the project life cycle such as basic access to a software domain or work space onsite at client location.  

When assumptions are identified throughout the project, they should be documented in an assumption log.  Along with recording assumptions, project constraints should also be documented. Constraints are project restrictions which limit project execution.  Both assumptions and constraints might be obvious to many, but this is not always the case.  

Different organizations have different cultures and ways they handle different situations.  This could also be true for departments within the same company. Because of the many possible differences, it is a good idea not to take for granted constraints or assumptions.  Stakeholders should document these scenarios to ensure everyone is on the same page. This will eliminate any ambiguity, and everyone will have more clarity. 

Along with documenting the assumptions and constraints, the impact of the item, to the project should be recorded.  Whether the impact is minor or great, having the situation documented can help when possible conflicts occur in the future.  

If all stakeholders understand what has been defined as common situations or constraints, then the project will have better results as the project proceeds and reaches completion.

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