3 Basic Project Fundamentals to Get Better Results

Do you occasionally lead projects? Do you want better results? Whatever results you are trying to achieve, whether it is leading a corporate initiative or even starting your own business, if you want better project results then you need to consider the following three basic project fundamentals:


  1. Results come from tracking activity and complying with end dates. Results are the output of finished activities. The first fundamental, for getting better project results, is to develop a basic project plan.  A project plan has a schedule of tasks and the owner of the tasks (this is the person responsible for completing the task).  The tasks will need a start date and a completion date. You will be surprised how beneficial it is having these basic items documented and tracked. A project plan is a must to get results.
  2. Always create agendas and take notes during project meetings.  Without an agenda, meetings won’t have direction and won’t be efficient. While following an agenda, take notes or have someone take notes for you. So often ideas and discussions are lost during meetings because notes are not captured.  Having project notes are also a good starting point to create the agenda for the next meeting. The combination of an agenda and meeting notes will yield better project results because there is direction and a record of ideas and decisions.
  3. Document project objectives (probably the most important). Usually a project charter is the document for capturing project objectives. But however you write down objectives, the important thing is to actually document the objectives.  Too often projects without written objectives do not have good results because the purpose of the project gets lost and over time the project direction can shift.  For better results and controlling scope, always document project objectives.

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